Cleopatra Slots for iPhone

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it seems only natural that iPhone users are able to play Cleopatra Slots. Although it was a cool idea to have Flash Versions at casinos so that players could play games on their laptops, it seems flash and go are not enough. The device is small, but the games still come alive! Cleopatra slots for iPhone is the next generation of online gaming. Rather than taking small steps, we seem to be leaping into the next century! And that’s a good thing!

The iPhone and Cleopatra

I wonder what Cleo would think about all this. Perhaps the most well-known Egyptian figure, her popularity has risen through the creativity and genius of casino software brands. Now, Cleopatra slots can be played on an iPhone, which was developed by IGT. This company has revolutionized slot games for land-based casinos.

How Do I play Cleopatra Slots On My iPhone?

It’s basically the same as the online casino version. The 5-reel slot game has two modes of play: instant and tournament. The instant play feature does have the high score or resume play feature; whereas the tournament play enables the local and online high scores. It also doesn’t include the nudge and gold buttons, but it does have a bonus round in which you can win 15 free spins.

Cleopatra Slots on iPhone is new and thus it does not have all the bells and whistles you will experience at an online casino. But hey, there are good sound effects and graphics; an online high score capability; and a help feature is available. What’s not to like? Play Cleopatra Slots on your iPhone. By the way, there is a special feature you may like – but we’re not giving away any corporate secrets!

What we can tell you is that this would make a fabulous Christmas gift! An iPhone loaded with Cleopatra Slots! We bet even Santa hasn’t thought of that one.