Things to Think About When Playing Casino Games Online

When playing casino games online, consider these three important issues. Your casino choice is always most important. If you're unhappy with the casino, you're unlikely to enjoy playing any online casino game. It's important to choose a casino that fits your specific needs and preferences. What appears to be the most popular casino may not be right for you.

Most casinos accept players from around the world. However, some countries have online gambling legislation that limits the selection of online casinos available to residents. Don't assume if one casino will not allow you to play that all casinos will bar you. Depending on where the casino is registered, they may be allowed to offer you online casino games.

Finding US Friendly Casinos

Not every online casino allows players from the United States. Microgaming casinos are among those casinos who will not accept U.S. players. If Microgaming casino games are of interest, you're currently out of luck.

Many online casinos will check your IP address and determine if you are from the United States. Some will offer a suggested alternative casino that does accept U.S. players. If the casino of interest doesn't specify, you should be able to easily find out by signing up. If the U.S. is not listed in the country list, you will not be eligible to play.

Here is a quick list of casinos accepting US players:


Casino Software Downloads vs. Instant Play Casinos

Every online casino features a specific format. If you're on a slower dial-up connection, Flash driven Instant Play casinos are your best bet. The no-download casino software is smaller and takes less time to load to your computer. You'll be playing your favorite casino games in minutes rather than hours.

The benefit to free casino downloads involves the number of available games. Most casinos only offer a small selection of their online casino offerings in a Flash format. If you can download casino software now, you'll get full access to every game in their library.

Boosting Your Casino Account Balance

Most online casinos accept credit cards. Don't overlook alternative payment options. Many casinos offer you bonus cash for using an alternative payment form. That extra cash can go a long way when you're playing online slots, specialty games, table games and video poker.

Also check for promotional offers. Casinos love to run promotions. If you're new to the casino, they'll likely offer to match or triple your initial deposit simply for using their casino. Don't miss No-deposit Bonuses. You're given free cash, usually $5 to $20, simply for trying out that casino.

You may earn extra casino rewards for trying out a specific game of the week or month. The best players earn cash rewards at the end of the period while playing a game they may otherwise overlook. Also, check for free or inexpensive online casino tournaments. Once entered, you play the game and hope to top the leader board. If you do, you earn extra cash.