Ancient Riches Cash Drop

Ancient Riches Cash Drop is actually a cash drop game. However, it is designed to resemble a slots games. The game is like a typical slots machine, but with the reels that spin. To play Ancient Riches Cash Drop, you will need to choose an amount to wager.

The Ancient Riches Cash Drop game can be played at many different casinos such as Paddy Power or William Hill. It is also a game that allows you to play for free or play to win real money when you match up symbols by appearance and color.

Ancient Riches Cash Drop Slots Game Facts

There are 40 paylines to wager on. It has the equivalent of five reels. The game is also unique because it has nine symbols in three different colors to keep track of. The game symbols will spin like a slot machine and then stop to see if you have five matching symbols. If the symbols do match up, then a payout is reached. For example, five matching symbols causes a reaction resulting in the highest payout and a multiplier of 2x.

The game symbols are in line with the ancient ruins theme. The symbols in the game include Grapes, Watermelon, Pyramid, Golden Bell, 7s, Cherries, Pharaoh, Cleopatra, and Scarab. The main symbol to watch out for is the Pyramid. If you as a players receives five Pyramids, then you will the Maximum progressive jackpot. However, four Pyramid symbols will reward the Mini jackpot. Three Pyramid symbols will reward the Midi Jackpot. Five symbols of the Queen Cleopatra has the highest jackpot of 1,000 coins. You should wager at least 45 cents per line to qualify for the progressive jackpot. Thus the amount wagered is multiplied by 40 for each payline to get your total stake in each single game.

The game will then drop all of the symbols that caused the win or reaction and there will be a new symbols to replace it. If these new symbols cause a win, then the winnings is increased by 1x. This is just in a single game that all of this can happen. The game will continue to payout 2x if a drop causes another reaction.

Therefore, for you as a player, there are multiple times you can win just within a single game. This is because symbols can cause accumulated wins.

Ancient Riches Cash Drop Reactions and Multipliers

Ancient Riches Cash Drop game does have a special feature known as Reactions. The symbols that cause the reactions are known as Reactors. Symbols will react to cause the win.

The Reactions Feature only happen when all five of the same color symbols appear in a line from left to right. The reaction that occurs is that these symbols will disappear. When they disappear you can see new symbols drop into the empty slots. This can cause new combinations and reactions to occur. As a result, you can see the Reactions feature triggered again. Keep in mind that more than one reaction can occur during a single game. This means that more than one symbol will be involved causing multiple reactions and many different wins. The first original reaction will double the win, whereas the second reaction only adds 1x.

Therefore, if you are interested in archaeology and something different, then try your hand at the Ancient Riches Cash Drop game. You will see all of the best fruit symbols in a cash drop that resembles a slots game. You can spend time trying to receive five symbols in a single line to claim the progressive jackpot. Don't forget to wager the minimum for your chance to win big.