Great Slot Strategies

It is likely that a million different people have some advice for you on the best strategies for slots...some offer free advice while others might try to sell you what they think they know in the form of a book or a DVD. They will likely tell you that you can win all sorts of insane amounts of cash with little effort and no skill. Here is the truth about this...

A random number generator

Inside of every slot machine is what is called a random number generator which is like a computer system that randomly generates number series. These numbers correspond to the "reels" in the machine, dictating where the reels "stop" and also what number or symbol the reels will show. Even when not being played, the slot machine is crunching numbers so once you pull the arm the next sequence has already been determined. The pull of the arm is truly just for show and basically meaningless. What is true is that each time the arm is pulled the random generator will pull a number that was different from the last time. Each pull is random and independent just like the spinning of the roulette wheel.

You can't manipulate

The next fact is that regardless of how much strategy you have tried to manipulate, the size of your bet will never effect the random number generator. The random number generator has no idea the size of your bet in comparison to the size of your previous bets. So any strategy involving the breakdown of play over any number of pulls is untrue.

A hot slot? Not!

Anyone who claims to be able to tell you which slots are hot or which ones are due to hit is misleading you. Slot machines appeal to people because of their randomness. It is mathematically impossible to find a "loose" slot - it simply will not happen. Slot machines are won by luck and luck alone.

Play charting strategy...out the window

Others will tell you the key to winning is by using a play charting strategy which keeps a record of your wins and losses. They claim that by doing this you can track certain machines and figure out which ones to play based on your chart. You must remember that random numbers can't be charted into any specific pattern.

A strategy you can bank on

The best advice that anyone can give you about playing slots is to manage your money and only play what you can afford to play with comfortably.