Cleopatra's Coins Slots

The illustrious queen is back in a performance that mesmerizes the world. Of course, we are talking gaming-wise about none other than Rival Gaming's Cleopatra's Coins. This brilliant five-reel game re-introduces to the world the brilliance and the enduring grace of one of the world's most captivating ladies.

Rival Gaming Takes You Back In Time

Rival Gaming is a jack of all trades. With Cleopatra's Coins, players are invited to take a fabled trip in history. When you begin playing Cleopatra's Coins, you are presented with a short video of the Romans landing on the shores. As you can see, Rival Gaming is a dedicated student of history. Cleopatra's Coins has fifteen pay lines at your winning disposal. Cleopatra's Coins gives you everything you need to accomplish this historical feat.

Cleopatra's Coins maintains its continuity of dominance by playing the game on a backdrop of columns and authentic Egyptian statues. There is fire burning out of the columns. We begin with the fantastic pay line arrows that set the tone for giving you control of the game's mastery. You can endeavor to gain an audience with the queen by wagering on the whole pay line arrows, or you can take a more moderate approach by placing bets on lesser pay lines. That's the mystique and power of the pay line arrows.

After arraigning the pay line audience, the next order of business is declaring the actual cash bet. Cleopatra's Coins rises to the occasion with a sophisticated coin button system that makes it easy to get your bets together. Cleopatra's Coins also ramp up the options buttons where you can fine-tune and craft the sensitive game settings to meet your needs.

Step Into Cleopatra's Coins' Paytable

Cleopatra's Coins marks gaming greatness, starting with the fabled beetle. This legendary creature doubles winning combinations, and if you get five of it on the reels, the beetle delivers 5,000 credits. The Great Sphinx is a sight to see, and it pays a brilliant 500 credits for five on the pay lines. The golden coin is Cleopatra's Coins' bonus symbol, and it is something we will talk about in further length.

Cleopatra's Coins encapsulates the full power of the spirit of Cleopatra with Marc Anthony, the Roman delegate, and the electric Cleopatra herself.

Cleopatra's Coins Delivers The Bonus Rounds

We spoke briefly about the golden coin, and now it is time to unfurl its brilliance. The trio of the golden coins leads you to an electric bonus round where you get to crush a series of urns for extra bonus rounds. Cleopatra's Coins revs up the free spins bonus round based on the number of scatter symbols that land on the reels. Five of the scatter symbols deliver a maximum of 100 free spins, where Cleopatra's Coins triples winning combinations.

Where To Find Cleopatra's Coins

Cleopatra's Coins is widely circulated at online casinos that host and support Rival Gaming's lineup. Cleopatra's Coins works on home computers and the top smart devices.