Mega Moolah Goddess Slots

Mega Moolah Goddess Slots
Something is intoxicating and overpowering about having some extra moolah in your pocket. The world seems right, and you have an extra bounce in your step. Microgaming delivers the extra bucks with its renowned slot title, Mega Moolah Goddess Slots.

The Combination Of Money And Goddess Is Unbeatable

Mega Moolah Goddess is a five-reel dynamo with 25 pay lines. The surprising theme about Mega Moolah Goddess is that it is another play and spinoff pertaining to Queen Cleopatra. So who better than to bestow you with goods and services, and of course, coins.

Breaking Down Mega Moolah Goddess Slots

Mega Moolah Goddess shines a brand new light on the spectacular Queen Cleopatra, which is why the gameplay showcases the Queen in all her splendor, ready to give you your deserved wins. Mega Moolah Goddess occurs on a beautiful starry night, and if you are careful enough, you will also see a shooting star.

You have a big chore on how to handle the pay lines. Mega Moolah stacks the winning deck in your favor with 25 pay lines. Mega Moolah Goddess provides twenty-five pay lines to help you manage and maneuver through the robust and elite pay lines. You can go for the whole moolah by gambling on the entire 25 pay lines, or you can take a moderate approach and ease your way into this thrilling gaming affair.

Mega Moolah Goddess rushes into action with the coin value buttons. Mega Moolah Goddes opens up the betting foray beginning at one cent, but that quickly climbs to help you bring in the moolah. Mega Moolah Goddess provides an options button to craft and tweak the game settings to suit your gaming needs.

Mega Moolah Sponsors One Heck Of A Paytable

Mega Moolah Goddess doesn’t play around, not by any stretch of the imagination. When you open the Mega Moolah Goddess paytable, you are greeted with the instant Cleopatra wild. This graceful and alluring beauty is the wild symbol, and she doubles winning combinations. If you get five of the lovely Cleopatra to fall on the reels, you will receive 1,000 credits. The amazing Eye Of Horus sees all, and if you get five of this magnificent eye on the reels, you will receive 200 credits. Mega Moolah Goddess delivers other receptive and awarding game symbols like the staff and an assortment of statues.

There Is Moolah In The Bonus Rounds

Mega Moolah Goddess continues stacking the deck with the Mega Moolah Bonus round, where you get to pick among four bonuses. Mega Moolah Goddess randomly chooses among the significant, mega, mini, and the minor. Again, Mega Moolah’s bonus round determines this randomly. Mega Moolah Goddess’ free spins round is worth your while.

Mega Moolah Goddess Awaits

Microgaming is a prominent gaming engine. Therefore there are many online casinos that host and support its elite games like Mega Moolah Goddess. Mega Moolah Goddess works seamlessly on home computers and the modern intelligent devices.