Double Magic Slots

Many newcomers to the online slots world are a bit baffled when it comes to deciding what slots game they should play. There is a wide variety of slot game choices in virtual casinos all over the Internet, but many of these can be a bit intimidating to someone who is new to the world of online slots gaming. Double Magic Slots is a recommended choice by those who have experience in mentoring newbies to the virtual gaming world.

Two Versions of Double Magic Slots

Double Magic Slots is a three reel, one payline, two coin online game that is very easy to understand. However, don’t underestimate Double Magic because of its simplicity. It is possible to achieve some really nice wins when playing this slots choice. There is a Double Magic Classic slots and a Double Magic Multi Spin versions for gamers to choose from. With the Multi-Spin version, it is possible to play the game as many as nine times per spin. This is one slots game where it really is not necessary to bet the maximum amount, as the game’s jackpot is only doubled when a single coin is the wager. With a two coin max game, betting one coin only is sufficient.

Relax and Play Double Magic

Part of the magic involved in playing Double Magic Slots is the ease with which players can feel at one with the game. Playing Double Magic Slots can be very therapeutic, relaxing and soothing away the stresses of life as the three reels spin. This is more than likely because not a whole lot of concentration is required in order to be a successful player of the game. When a win pops up, as it will eventually, it can be considered a perk indeed! The maximum number of coins allowed in a wager is eighteen, and coin values range from ten cents up to twenty dollars.

Classic Reel Symbols

Though a straightforward slot, the reel symbols for Double Magic Slots are instantly recognizable to anyone who has perhaps passed a bank of slot machines in a brick and mortar casino. Even first time players will feel like accomplished gamblers at the sight of these basic yet classic and functional designs. Players will see a Red 7, a Bar, a Cherry and a Blue Star reel symbol when enjoying Double Magic Slots.

Don’t Miss Double Magic Slots

The Blue Star reel symbol is the one that players hope to see settling on the payline. One Blue Star symbol is a multiplier, and doubles the payout. Two Blue Star symbols quadruple the payout for winning combinations. The Blue Star symbol is also a Wild Symbol for Double Magic Slots. You’ll want to experience the classic fun of Double Magic Slots as soon as possible!