Gods of Giza – Enhanced Slots

Gods of Giza – Enhanced Slots
Egypt and more Egypt continue dominating the gaming discussion, and this fad remains valid with Genesis Gaming’s Gods Of Giza Enhanced. This mesmerizing five-reel game honors and celebrates the phenomenal power of ancient Egypt. We’re excited about breaking down the stellar and captivating gameplay surrounding Gods Of Giza Slots, so let’s not waste any more time.

Genesis Gaming Is A Magnificent Powerhouse

Genesis Gaming might not be a household name, but we are confident that all that will change for the better at the end of this article. Genesis Gaming follows the simple but effective school of thought. This proves to be a winning strategy, and it shows with Gods Of Giza Enhanced, a prolific slot game with the best trimmings.

Gods Of Giza Makes It Simple

Gods Of Giza Enhanced delivers twenty pay lines that encapsulate and celebrate the mystique of ancient Egypt. Gods Of Giza Enhanced takes place inside a fabled tomb, with all the trimmings and celebration of fabled, ancient Egypt. Genesis Gaming really puts forth the effort making this tremendous effort work, and it shows deeply with the attention detail surrounding Gods Of Giza.

Gods Of Giza Enhanced ramps up the phenomenal gameplay with the pay line arrows that empower you to take control of the actual pay lines you desire to play. Feel free to bring the house down with an entire twenty-pay line bet that is sure to appease Ra and the Egyptian Gods, or you can take a moderate approach and place wagers on lesser pay lines.

Gods Of Giza Enhanced also gives you the tools to manage your coin value bets. The range and potential of the cash bets are vast, with stakes starting at a penny and culminating at two dollars. Of course, this pharaoh would love nothing more than for you to put down the entire $40 bet. Gods Of Giza Enhanced also supplies the options button where you can get going crafting and adjusting the sensitive game details.

Gods Of Giza Enhanced Has A Phenomenal Paytable

Gods Of Giza Enhanced ushers in a swell paytable with all the pomp and circumstance surrounding ancient Egypt. Gods Of Giza’s wild symbol consists of the fabled golden crest. This beautiful symbol doubles winning combinations, but the more that land, the greater the winning combination. King Tut dominates the game flow by rewarding wins up to 150 credits while the famous Cleopatra smiles upon you with 125 credits. The dog head of Anubis also looms large and pays handsomely, as does the bird head. Finally, gods Of Giza warms rounds out the rest of the gaming symbols with the high-value playing card numbers.

The Egyptian Mystique Lies In The Bonus Round

Gods Of Giza Enhanced dominates the bonus round play through the golden cross. The more of the golden cross that land on the reels, the greater the number of the winning multiplier. Its second step follows up with the eight free spins where the reels rotate a remarkable 90 degrees to enhance your winning pleasure.

Where To Find This Egyptian Treasure

Gods Of Giza Enhanced is widely circulated at online casinos that host and support Microgaming and Genesis Gaming. It works brilliantly on mobile devices and home computers, so you don’t miss a beat.